Gas Golf Carts, Used Golf Carts, Used Golf Cart, EZ GO Golf Cart, EZ GO Golf CartsA gas golf cart is an excellent choice for many people and, when maintained properly, can last you and your family for many many years.  So if you’re considering buying a used golf cart take the time and explore what a gas golf cart has to offer.

Many people think a gas golf cart motor is like the motor in your car, you turn it on and it runs continuously, this is not true.  The engine on a gas golf cart automatically starts when you step on the accelerator.  Once you release the accelerator the gas golf cart comes to stop and the engine automatically turns off.  Also, a gas golf cart is fairly quiet.  When properly maintained a gas golf cart will provide you with smooth, uninterrupted performance all day long.

If you live in a hilly terrain then a gas powered golf cart might be just what you need.  A gas golf cart can offer you power, speed, and most of all endurance because the batteries will never run down.  When you run out of gas just put more in and you keep on going.

Best Golf Cart Accessories For Sale

Maybe you’re in the market for a lifted gas golf cart.  New lifted gas golf carts, also called side-by-side ATVs, have been around for years.  Most of the major golf cart manufacturers build a lifted gas golf cart for off-road use.  Although they each differ slightly any of them would make an excellent choice.  If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new gas golf cart then you should visit your local used golf cart dealer and see what kind of a deal you can get on a used gas golf cart.

Many used golf cart dealers, and individuals, prefer to build their own lifted gas golf cart.  You start with a standard used gas golf cart then, add a lift kit, off-road tires, and a heavy-duty suspension that will handle the rougher terrain.  If you’re building your own lifted gas golf cart from a standard used golf cart you should also consider adding a skid plate to help protect the underside of the motor.  Your local used golf cart dealer can help you with this.  The next accessory you will probably add to your gas golf cart is either a rear seat kit or a cargo bed.  The rear seat kit will help convert your two passenger gas golf cart into a four passenger gas golf cart.  If a utility vehicle is more what you need then, the cargo bed is an excellent choice for your lifted gas golf cart.


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