Golf Cart Accessories, Club and Ball Washer, Golf Cart Enclosure, Golf Cart Tires, Golf Cart Wheels, Golf Cart WindshieldOkay, you bought your family a used golf cart. But it still looks like a rental unit from the local golf course. So you ask yourself, what can I do to customize (or spruce up!) my used golf car and not spend much money? Today we will be talking about one of the more economical ways to change the look of your golf cart. Seat Covers should be available from your local dealer or from one of the many online dealers. They are inexpensive, easy for the owner to install, and can dramatically improve the look of your golf cart.

It doesn’t matter if your golf cart is new or old seat covers will give your cart a custom look at a cost that should not hurt your pocketbook. Not only do they help to protect your seats, they can keep your seat cooler and help stop your legs from sticking on those hot summer days. Seat cover are easy to install in just a few minutes and the results are amazing.

Seat covers are available in many different styles, colors, and materials. The first style is the slip-on seat covers. These are the least expensive and literally just slip on over the existing seat bottom and back rest of your golf cart. This style of seat cover is fairly universal, but you need to be sure you order the right style for your make and model of golf car. Slip-On seat covers are offered in solid colors, stripes, plaids, and even camo. They are manufactured in several texture as well. You might want a soft sheep’s wool feel, or maybe a more rugged corduroy type material. No matter what look or feel you choose the change in the appearance of your golf cart will be instant.

The second style is the more traditional automotive type vinyl seat covers that replace the factory installed vinyl covers on your cart. This style is more heavy duty than the slip-on covers and offer a crisp more professional fitted look. Although this version will take a little longer to install the finished product will be worth the effort. You can custom order these covers in what ever color combination you want. Most of the time you will find them in a two tone design, but if your vision for your custom golf cart demands a solid, or multi-color, that too is available

If you intend to fully customize your golf cart at a later time I would recommend spending a little extra time, and money, and install the automotive type vinyl seat cover. In the long run these will hold up better and give you many years of satisfaction. But, which ever style of seat covers you decide is right for you and your family I am sure you will agree that for the amount of time and money that is involved the new look you will achieve for your golf cart is amazing.

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