Golf Carts, Used Golf Carts, Utility Golf Carts, 4 Passenger Golf CartsNot to many years ago golf carts were basically used only for playing golf. Today, people have golf carts for many different uses. Electric golf carts are probably the most popular but gas golf carts can be an excellent option depending on your application.


If you enjoy playing golf on a regular basis then buying a used golf cart might be the right choice for you. Many golf courses offer a cart barn where individuals can store their personal golf carts for a small monthly fee. These storage barns offer a covered, or enclosed, area for you to protect your golf cart, golf clubs, and golfing gear. They have electricity available to allow you to charge your electric golf cart after each round of golf. With the rising cost of fuel this has become a very popular option for many golfers.


For those of you that are not golfers a used golf cart has become very popular over the last few years. Many people have found that a used golf cart can be an excellent tool to help with chores around the house, farm, or job site. Others use a golf cart as a form of transportation at the camp or the beach cabin.


There are many different golf cart accessories available for converting a basic used golf cart into a utility vehicle, a 4 passenger golf cart, a lifted golf cart, and even a hunting buggy. These converted golf carts


4 Passenger Golf Carts are one of the most popular conversions on the market today. You start with a standard 2 passenger golf cart, gas or electric, then you add a rear seat kit. These rear seat kits come in several different versions. A Basic rear seat kit will include a fixed position seat kit that is attached to the rear portion of the golf cart where the golf bags would normally be placed. This is the most economical option. The second option is a 2-n-1 rear seat kit. This is a rear seat kit that functions as a standard rear seat, but is hinged and can be folded out, or converted, into a cargo deck for hauling items. This is an excellent option for many golf cart owners because from time to time you need both the ability to carry additional passengers and the option to carry cargo, tools, parcels, and much more.

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