Lifted Golf Carts, Used Golf Carts, EZ GO Golf CartsTexas Golf Carts wants to help you find the best deals on lifted golf carts!  One of the more popular option today for people is to purchase used golf carts  and then have accessories added by the dealer.  Some of the favorite options are pre-manufactured lift kits with off road tires, and a heavy duty springs.  Converting your used golf cart into a handy utility cart is also popular by adding a cargo box on the rear of your lifted golf cart.

So, what is are lifted golf carts?

To start off, you pick your favorite type of golf cart by choosing a gas powered or battery powered used golf cart.  The idea behind lifted golf carts is the same whether your choice, but the lift kit for each is slightly different.  So, if you’re installing the lift kit yourself you need to be sure you order the proper version designed for the golf cart you have.  The lift kits on the market today, for the most part, or designed with simple bolt on parts.  No cutting of the frame, and no welding is required.  Most people choose to let thier local golf cart dealer install the lift kit for them when they purchase thier golf cart.  In most cases, golf cart dealers today have a wide selection of lifted golf carts for sale in their inventory.

Why do people want lifted golf carts ?

There are many useful purposes for lifted golf carts today.  Lifted golf carts are used mostly by individuals, but they can be used for commercial purposes as well.  If you’ve spent any time at the beach recently you’ve probably seen several lifted golf carts with rear seats carrying groups of people having lots of fun.  Lifted golf carts also make an excellent utility vehicle for around the house, or on the farm.  Talk to your local golf cart dealer about installing a cargo bed on your lifted golf carts, and you will be amazed at all the work you can get done with this outstanding tool.

Lifted Golf Carts, Hunting Buggy, Lifted Hunting Cart, Used Golf Carts Lifted Golf Carts, Hunting Cart, Lifted Hunting Buggy, Used Golf Carts

Many people use these lifted golf carts for chores around the house, exploring the outdoors at the lake house, and when equipped correctly they can even be used as hunting golf carts.


Do you have someone in your family that enjoys hunting?

Lifted golf carts are being used by hunters all over the country.  Electric powered lifted golf carts seem to be the most popular because of their quiet, stealth like operation.  These hunting buggies can be equipped with a 2-n-1 fold out rear seat kit.  This style of multipurpose rear seat allows you to carry both people and cargo.  Lifted golf carts designed for hunting will typically also be equipped with a steel front brush guard, an ammo box, one or more gun racks, and more aggressive tires to handle the rugged terrain.  Lifted golf carts are becoming a popular replacement for four wheelers and ATVs.

Custom Lifted Golf Carts, Lifted Golf Carts, Used Golf Carts Custom Lifted Golf Carts, Lifted Golf Carts, Used Golf Carts

Custom Lifted Golf Carts Too!   Custom Painted Lifted Golf Carts – Show Quality Custom Lifted Golf Carts

Custom Lifted Golf Carts are fun to build and always turn heads

as you drive them down the beach or around your neighborhood.

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