Stealth 4x4 Electric CartsThe Stealth 4×4 Electric Carts are manufactured right here in America in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are heavy duty, lifted 4×4 golf carts.  These 4×4 electric carts are electric powered and offer carts capable of carrying hunters a distance of up to 55 miles of “quiet” range on a single charge.  These state-of-the-art electric powered carts available from their Authorized Dealer network throughout the country.

These folks saw a need for a new, rugged, dependable, off-road electric 4×4 golf cart that would provide people with a reliable option to the other electric hunting buggies that were available on the market. That’s when the concept for the Stealth 4×4 Electric Cart was born. So, they set out to develop the most rugged and reliable lifted electric 4×4 golf cart on the market today.

These lifted electric 4×4 golf carts are built and designed mainly for hunters, but people have found each of their models they build to be highly effective for many applications.  For more information about the products they offer, or to find an Authorized Dealer in your area, then visit there website.

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